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When Cash Cab was a new show they had it on early in the evening but now it doesn't come on until 10PM. I can really say at first I didn't like it but the more I watched it I liked it better all the time but now I never watch it because of the time. I wish they would...
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" I wish they would put it back on at 5PM"Let me help you out here. The most valued viewers that advertisers look for are women 18-49. These viewers made Family Feud number T...


That's because they put family feud again like it doesn't play all the time already. I use to like it but the theme makes me turn the channel. I thought Steve Harvey owned gsn...

Game Show Network Cash Cab Tv Show
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Game Show Network - Do not like Cash Cab

I do not like the show Cash Cab. It is so boring!! Is there anyway to replace this show. I would like to see more Deal or no Deal. Cash Cab is a terrible game show. Please consider replacing it. I feel it is a waste of good TV time. Thanks!!