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I think it so rude and insulting when Steve Harvey puts people down for there answers. He just stops and stares at them and takes minutes away from the show while staring at them and laughs when they give answers he don't think are in the board a lot of times the answers are up there but he still continues to humiliate them. It really bothers me when he thinks he so funny when really he is being a jerk!

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I was watching an episode of the Family Feud and one question was "what is old and stretched out that you get rid of"? Huckleberry family answered shoes and it was considered correct and put on the category of Undies/Clothes.

When the Dang family gave and answer of Hair Tie, it was considered incorrect but one of the answers is a rubber band.

A Rubber band can be a hair tie but shoes is never considered undies or clothes!! I do not know who classify the answers but something is off with the decision!!


Lighten up! It is funny.

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